Valley of the Dolls

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in Silicon Valley

they’re making thinking machines

from sand and gold

and this & that


in Silicone Valley

they’re making Jodies & Jordans  

from sand and gold

and this & that


although I’m not sure

that any of them

are what you would call

truly sentient.

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<Deleted User> (7789)

Sun 12th Dec 2010 17:40

Good for practising blowing up balloons on.

<Deleted User> (7212)

Sun 12th Dec 2010 10:49

Nah - not thrilled.Now, if it was Jennifer Lopez sitting on yer face - that's a diffrunt matter :p

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 12th Dec 2010 09:35

sod the sentiency! bung one in me Chrissy stocking-pretty please!-by the way I,ve won ten squid on the lottery-yaye!!(I,m gonna have a bloody good Christmas!)-I might even spare tiny tim a groat or two(at most)its hard(pardon!)trying to type and keep me eyes on big Bertha in poem image at same time-now those two beauties definitely deserve an apostrophe!-thanks Banks' Mr! Stefan! Wilde!

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