I can see now how it all adds

up - death came not in any

blatant unexpected fashion

but in the aftermath of

a thousand pungent

masquerading doubts


You the René Magritte of a

female multi-tasking

illusionary world in need of

space to thinly spread

yourself about


Now you gripe with anguish

at the telephone lamenting

thoughts of home alone this

Christmas time and me,

(I hear you say - too late in

the day) that sum total

of your dreams

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<Deleted User> (8672)

Sat 11th Dec 2010 18:43

I really like this, the atmosphere it creates, particularly 'multi-tasking illusionary world'. It makes you think, although should there be the word 'hear' or something between I and you on the second last line, or am I missing something???

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