six seconds on a sunny afternoon

No smoke

No flames

No dust

No person

Standing at the side of the road

No movement

At all

Serenity, almost

On this lovely blue-sky day


Up ahead

At the roundabout - there -

A cop car

Blocks the way onto that side of the A16

That side of the Armco

As the girl in blue


and stops her running

Alongside of the white car

Wrapped, Wrapped, Wrapped

Wrapped unawares

Around that tree

Six feet off the ground

Level with the road above

She puts her hand to her mouth

Covers her mouth


In that universal gesture

Of disbelief.


   (as we were driving past in the van, this scene unfolded in the few seconds it took us to drive past at 60 - I guessed he must have left the road at double that. It was not survivable. I know now why they call it wrapped around a tree - because it was folded neatly as if by a giant hand)

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