What about Macca (Part 2)

Without him the Beatles

Would have been just a cult

Even Strawberry Fields

Would have been left to wilt

Without Macca's Moog feel

Laid on it like a psychedelic quilt


Come Together's laced with Macca's bass

As is Tomorrow Never Knows

I Feel Fine isn't, A Hard Day's Night, oh please

But unlike them, Yesterday grows

To the status of Tchaikovsky's symphonies

Macca's melodies could have been composed

By a classical genius, unlike John's ditties


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<Deleted User> (7789)

Wed 8th Dec 2010 23:45

True John - Wings did do some good stuff. Helen Wheels is rarely heard these days but is a good rocker, I think that was from Band on the Run, and they achieved a good tight sound on that album. They were popular enough at the time but have been written out of history, like a lot of bands from that era. Some people seem to judge music by some sort of handed down collective wisdom as to who's cool and who's not. Why can't we just make our own minds up. Trouble is, for people not around at that time, they are bombarded by other people's opinions in magazines and TV progs as to who is cool and revolutionary and who is not, and it's often complete crap!

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John Aikman

Wed 8th Dec 2010 20:25

I am exactly the age that was beginning to first take an interest in music just as the Beatles broke up.

I bought a couple of singles...but ended up preferring Wings. I know it's heresy to say so...but Band on the Run beats most of the Beatles albums to a pulp...in my humble opinion...and I know!

(and venus and Mars wasn't bad)



<Deleted User> (7789)

Wed 8th Dec 2010 20:18

Thanks Chris - it is one piece to be honest - I just thought it'd be more fun to split them so the points would be read more closely and allow for more comment. There is more left to post but tbh I think the essential points have been made and there's no need to post the rest of it, which just goes into more detail about the points I've already made.

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Chris Co

Wed 8th Dec 2010 18:47

Hi Tony,

I like..these poems, but think they work better together as one piece.

Good inner voice.


<Deleted User> (7789)

Wed 8th Dec 2010 18:43

Greg - yeah, that's a valid observation. Anyone who dies young, or young-ish, is, in the arts world in particular, automatically promoted to a demi-god. After all, John did compare the Beatles to Jesus so he had aspirations. But this deification process was aided by a never-ending series of public revelations, both physical (naked pictures and films) and autobiographical, publicity stunts and so on - none of which have anything to do with music, but all of which consciously created the Lennon mythology. If people are impressed by someone as self-obsessed as that, fine.

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Greg Freeman

Wed 8th Dec 2010 09:15

Can't resist getting involved in all this. For me the point is that Lennon and McCartney's greatest songs were, on the whole, when they were With The Beatles - plus Maybe I'm Amazed for Macca, and Working Class Hero for Lennon (both on their first albums after the Beatles, as I recall - the afterglow, if you like). I'm sure McCartney added a lot to Lennon's songs: his big mistake was failing to match John's career move 30 years ago today.

<Deleted User> (7789)

Wed 8th Dec 2010 09:01

Hey, knock Ringo at your peril, Andy, he he

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Andy N

Wed 8th Dec 2010 08:15

clever tone... i look forward to your Ringo Starr tribute next with all of the wonderful music he's done - lol..

<Deleted User> (7789)

Wed 8th Dec 2010 00:05

Number Nine Dream it is!

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 7th Dec 2010 22:15

oi! hoodychops! put me down(not literally)for No.9 dream-either that or-All across the universe-aythankyor!

<Deleted User> (8672)

Tue 7th Dec 2010 21:38

Yes, mellotron or moog sounds great.

<Deleted User> (7789)

Tue 7th Dec 2010 20:46

Francis - fair cop guv - Mellotron n ot Moog it is then. But you're right, artisitic licence applies here and Moog fits better - altho Mellotron would perhaps be OK. Either 'Moog' or 'Mellotron' sound great, don't they?

<Deleted User> (7789)

Tue 7th Dec 2010 20:43

Ann - yeah, TNK is awesome. But you don't half see some ridiculous guff from the Lennon worshippers amongst us. He wrote the words and sung it, and yes his contribution was therefore vital and of great quality. BUT - I even read recently that - using this song - Lennon (no-one else in the group) had 'invented dance music.' Duh. Who writes this tosh? If it is 'dance' music, which it isn't really, the credit would surely go to he rhythm section of Macca and Ringo, who do a superb job, and as Francis says, it's Macca who made most of the weird sounds. Lennon couldn't have done that for toffee. So let's just get everything in proportion, that's all I ask!

<Deleted User> (8672)

Tue 7th Dec 2010 19:47

Yep, more controversy. You have a strong point here Ant. I think Macca's influence was to help to tie together loose ends in a practical manner, like reverse loops on John's songs on Revolver, which I believe, were Macca's idea, although don't quote me.
Whilst I like your alliteration in 'Macca's Moog' feel, the nit-picker in me can't help but say 'it was a mellotron', as the Moog had been invented in '67. But heck, poetic license and all that. A mellotron being tape loops of instruments, like strings or flutes, which the Beatles used to good effect on Sgt.Pepper etc.
Good stuff.

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 7th Dec 2010 19:30

Tomorrow Never Knows! My fave! Always had a soft spot for Blue Jay Way - GH I think.

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