I buy sparkly jackets to substantiate

The fact I may be interesting to talk to
‘Cause glitter makes for fancy mates
And opportunities to gawk through

I wear leather pants for reasons
Unknown to me, unknown to
Legions of Grease Fan’s nether regions
Yet Newton John pulls through.

I pledge in allegiance to large hats
That I purchase whilst very mashed
From inauspicious looking rats
Who’s products all look slightly smashed

But I will do this for the glitz
I crave the shiniest of bits
And bobs to smother in a blitz
To induce epileptic fits

Of course, a lady loves the glamour
But I fear I don’t possess it
But by god – I’ve got good grammar
And I know I’ve got the glitz

I can’t afford Designer as the
Prices are cause for concern
Unless  counting George from Asda
In which case I’m Audrey Hepburn

But I will do this for the glitz
I crave the shiniest of bits
And bobs to smother in a blitz
To induce epileptic fits

Sometimes I visit
And type the words ‘Gold Trousers’
And then look at my reflection
In the surfeit of Net Browsers

And take a cold look at my sins
And plague my world with philosophies
Like “Stop trying to look like Aladdin”
And other Disney film atrocities

Put down the glossy Debit Card
And take a long, firm look at Beige.
Look at it. And look at it hard.
You’re 21 years of age.


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Gus Jonsson

Thu 16th Sep 2010 16:33

Heyup Sophie... I'm a glam fan you go straight back into that glitter period right now

Beige is the preparation of death... dged with grey..and yellow teeth.

The poem is superb... Glitter and grammer... what more dya want in life.

Gus xx

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Tue 14th Sep 2010 06:39

Never ever go beige! I used to like beige and colours that would make me fade into the background when I was young. There's a lot to be said for growing up and having the confidence to wear exactly what you like - be it gold or leather pants. I love the quirkiness of your poem. Don't ever grow up but do - if you know what I mean! xx

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Tue 14th Sep 2010 01:33

We all go through the phases, Sophie... I had a beige phase that totally reflected my mood during that period... Now it's black and white with dashes of colour and glitz ; )


<Deleted User> (7789)

Mon 13th Sep 2010 21:07

Nah - beige is always wrong! Enjoyable nonetheless... the poem, I mean, not beige.

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