A poem I did for the first time at Jibba Jabba in Newcastle yesterday night. I was a little nervous of doing it given the subject matter, but it seemed to go down quite well.


She’s that girl in every film you’ve seen,
hair tied up and eyes cast down,
books held to her chest, looking geeky-serene,
the skin above her glasses wrinkling into a frown

as she sucks nothing but her pencil,
tussles only with a page,
biting down to keep her lip still
so no secrets can escape,

so that none of you can see the passion
she masks with her chess-club face,
because she’s cowed by your derision,
scared of being a disgrace.

So it’s only when the homework’s done
that she can go upstairs,
apparently all innocence, and casually open
up the book in which she dares

to dream up and put down in words
the things she wants to do,
to admit she wants to be the girl
who bites off more than she can chew;

that in fact, she wants to be the girl
girls like you like to do:
and that while you laugh and check her out
it’s her who’s checking you,

imagining how hard you’d twist
your fingers in her hair,
or strangle her right into bliss
as she gasps, not for air,

but from the pure endorphin rush
that coarses through her soul,
at the thought that you might crush
her ‘til her lungs and limbs go cold,
and she, no longer strong enough to scratch,
submits to doing what she’s told
and surrenders to the fluttering touch
that turns her world to gold...

In the locked book hidden in her room
she lets desire breathe
for an hour at most, but far too soon
her heart must be made safe,

her body cleaned and given rest,
her hair once more tied back,
books once more gathered to her chest,
her lunch and pencils packed,

to start another day of hiding
in her intellectual shell.
Bad girls may name desire in writing,
true: but good girls never tell.

gendersexualitytransgressive poetry

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<Deleted User> (7904)

Wed 6th Oct 2010 23:27

Thanks Winston! It was really great to come along and see you and the other regulars! Good luck with the Big Weekend if you're going!

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winston plowes

Wed 6th Oct 2010 23:14

Adam... How fantastic to hear this piece live tonight and then to return home, look it up hear and relive it from the page (screen). A great performance of this and all your other work in Hebden Bridge tonight, Winston

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