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The Foolish Poet

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He is precise and careful to shape words of familiarity

With emotion reined in works meticulously at his craft

Experienced, he is master at handling proper formality

Revising incessantly to attain a properly constructed draft

He is hailed a genius for his detailed attention to standard form

And his measured articulation to produce a finished product

His work in print is scrutinized for its standardized norm

While the unscholarly man works in his raggamuffin style

Expressing opinion through aggression and joy

His work is discarded in the inexperienced pile

Like the unpolished etiquette of just a common boy

Scorned by experienced and more cultured fools

Who dare not ignore the tenured use of literary tools

The master works are great for those supposedly refined

But there are other works heralded by those who feel

Those unafraid to wield the dangerous power of the mind

Exploring the facets of emotion from what the heart may conceal

They may be too inexperienced to handle the stringent literary style

But they’re not concerned or obliged to conform to a “proper” way

The foolish poet not adhering to the rigid rules that are on file

Brings unbridled emotion not in structure but in what they say

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