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In our lost curved ball world

I saw you

soon after your faith in me had died

I watched you from behind

looking in what you may have hoped

was a lovers repair shop window

and not the abandoned premises it actually was


using my imagination I could see that 

you still had your angelical wings on

despite how bedraggled they may have been

and seeing this in my mind

spoke to me as do tears in the eyes of a child


you were standing in the same slumped way as my feelings

sickened and unable to do anything to help the both of us


in shit street once more

hopes disappeared


lonely as fuck


I wouldn't kill myself if I was as desperate as you

no matter how many of your emptinesses have rolled into one

your psychological wounds refusing to heal-




who is going to lift your chin up now

now that your only friend is nothingness?

whose I ask

well meaning loving arms are going to enfold you

as your fathers once did so long  ago


you whose inner goldeness

and love making opened the gates

of our edenesque paradise back then


so why do you go on and on constructing your version of purgatory

is it so that you finally having ended up on the sea bed of depression

can now only look upwards to find and want returned

the only remembered illumination of your life

I am now willing to represent?


how much I need to know and quickly so

before I too become fucked off enough

to follow in your footsteps towards the void

of our lives destruction   


◄ Horsebolter



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leon stolgard

Sun 21st Apr 2024 10:12

such a profound and generous comment BS ( and many more gallery fillers of the same standard to come I can assure you ) 👍

ALL liking lads I salute you 👍 X 6

Bethany Sallis

Sat 20th Apr 2024 16:48

There isn't any shortages of masterpieces in your minds gallery Leon-bravo!


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leon stolgard

Fri 19th Apr 2024 18:00

Tom Hugh Manish thanks for the very welcome likes-take care guys!

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