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There are three best friends 

In my pleasant-green-garden

Who live for each-other.

One's very fragile, naive, 

And a delicate wallflower. 

Two's a powerful protector

With two circular lobes. 

Three's a wise instructor, 

An optimist and a gatekeeper. 


One day I saw the naive-plant 

Blossoming a white-lily,

Which attracted eyes,

And delighted hearts

Of the bees and the insects. 

The bees were cautious, 

And thoughtfully let it go. 

But a hungry insect decided

To take its risky-chance. 


He separated himself 

From his group and friends, 

Neglecting their outputs.

He had two stages to clear.  

Firstly, at the threshold, 

He met the gatekeeper, 

The touch-me-not plant,

Who clearly instructed 

And uttered a bold "No!"  


The next stage had a plant 

With two circular lobes.

Getting on top of it gave him

A clear-view of the white-lily. 

He had dreamt of getting there,

Of extracting all that he could, 

And before his dreams could turn true,

The Venus-flytrap pulled the curtains down,

Closing the building story of greed with ease. 

◄ Don't Kintsugi Me

Eager Eyes and a Curious Mind ►


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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 27th Sep 2023 13:46

Thanks a lot, my friend. Means a lot to me.😊

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John Botterill

Wed 27th Sep 2023 13:21

I love the intricate depiction of nature, Manish and the way it mirrors human nature. Bravo! Great!

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Manish Singh Rajput

Tue 26th Sep 2023 17:34

Exactly what I wanted to express through this poem, M.C. On point!
Thank you.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 26th Sep 2023 14:55

To me, an analogy of how humanity needs to act with caution
progressing through life. What may appear irresistible may
disguise danger.

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Manish Singh Rajput

Tue 26th Sep 2023 10:07

According to my description in the first stanza, 1st friend is the white-lily, 2nd is the Venus flytrap, and the 3rd is the touch-me-not plant.
And the one who was trapped(the insect) wasn't a friend but an antagonist.
And yes, the white-lily was saved by the Venus flytrap as mentioned in the last stanza.

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Tue 26th Sep 2023 09:03

All positions well placed accordingly. Friend 1, friend 2 and friend 3. How do you decide to place each friend in their respective rank?

So what happened to your trapped friend, did you rescue friend 1 from the trap?

Intriguing write up

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Manish Singh Rajput

Tue 26th Sep 2023 04:20

Thank you so much, Keith. It means a lot to me.😊

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keith jeffries

Mon 25th Sep 2023 18:34

A particularly good and imaginative poem. Also a clever piece of writing. I enjoyed this.
Thank you,

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