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Love in Flight

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At the heart of the jungle

Was a water truce.

Several were gathered,

Everyone duly adhered

To the rule of harmony,

Cooperation and non-violence. 


Amongst many pigeons, 

Was a standout white dove. 

She was flawlessly beautiful, 

She was the epitome of love, 

She had many aligned admirers, 

But her eyes were set elsewhere. 


He was a traveller from far East, 

He had stopped by for water, 

Shelter, a rebound and a feast. 

He was heartbroken in the past, 

So, he wished for anything

But love, or words of affection.


The dove flew past her group, 

Ignoring every other admirer.

She made a beeline to him, 

And when he looked at her, 

He was swept away by her 

Beauty and confidence. 


They spoke a lot, 

About lifestyle, family, 

Friends, Costa Rica, 

And the Faroe Islands.

The conversation was

Mostly happy and happening.


Until the bond eased

And the topics matured.   

The dove couldn’t hold it,

She spoke to him of love.

That’s when the arctic tern

Took a resentful turn.


He flew far away,

Past the water truce,

Without a bid adieu,

To a place where love

Wouldn’t find him

Until he was ready for it. 

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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 20th Sep 2023 18:04

Thanks a lot, John G E. Means a lot to me.😊

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John Gilbert Ellis

Wed 20th Sep 2023 16:31

Beautiful storyline and well executed poem. Love how you keep the surprise of the artic tern to late in the piece.

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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 20th Sep 2023 04:50

F T Taylor, the song sure did hit the tern hard! Thank you for the read and comment.
Keith, I switched many titles before I settled to "At the Water Truce", and I somewhere felt that it didn't fit right. But now I think I'll take your suggestion and change it to the title that you've mentioned. Thank you.
Helena, thanks a lot for the read and comment, I really appreciate it.

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Wed 20th Sep 2023 04:42

I really love the imaginative story line. Birds and human emotions, really captivating.

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keith jeffries

Tue 19th Sep 2023 23:00

Love in flight would have been an appropriate title for this poem which so easily captivates the reader. Perfect material for an anthology.
Thank you for this,

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Ferris Ty Taylor

Tue 19th Sep 2023 18:43

I think this song would hit the tern hard

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