The Three-Fine-Detectives

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After a long dawn-to-dusk investigation, 

The three-fine-detectives were disappointed

That they'd been revolving all-around, 

Nitpicking, focusing on the anomalies,

And failing to gather concrete evidence.

They were passionate and keen, 

They knew that they could do it, 

They felt that they were near 

To cracking the curious case

Within the target number of days. 


The night was still young and pending, 

They were half asleep, seated in their cars, 

And half awake, trying connect the dots. 

When the city lights went blinking and dim, 

And when the neighbourhood called it a night, 

They could hear the starlings singing,

As the star-link satellites rowed past

The unclouded, surreal starlit-sky, 

All in assemblance on collectively providing 

A calming effect on the three-fine-detectives.  

◄ Saudade

Dear Sea ►


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Kevin Tan

Mon 18th Sep 2023 21:43

Makes me giggle. I think it's cute!

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Manish Singh Rajput

Sun 17th Sep 2023 15:36

Thanks a lot, Keith and Stephen G.😊
It means a lot to me.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 17th Sep 2023 13:43

So readable and flowing, Manish.

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keith jeffries

Sat 16th Sep 2023 21:22

Your recent poems have with them some very good and relevant illustrations. This adds to their overall presentation. Good work.
Thank you,

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