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Paper-Boat Days

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When I was a kid, 

I'd wait for the winter,

It's winds and it's rain puddles, 

I'd wait for the long vacation,

And the magazines to expire,

For me to tear pages and get productive.


I'd fly one with the wandering winds, 

And I'd sail one in the backyard puddle.

It'd give me ecstatic excitement

To watch them set sail or take-off, 

Until they were intruded and destroyed

By the intersection of electrical wires

Or by a big-foot setting on the puddle,

Splashing all my hard-work and hurdles.


It'd break my heart and angry me, 

I'd then take all the broken pieces, 

Go back to my room and create more. 

And I guess those were the small things 

That inculcated the important habit

Of getting back on feat after being defeated, 

And those paper-boat and paper-rocket days

Were the days where I prioritized experimenting happiness. 

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Manish Singh Rajput

Sat 16th Sep 2023 07:55

Thank you so much, Keith. I believe in upbringing, and I also believe in the things we ourselves experimented and learnt from, even though they were as small as flying a paper rocket or making paper boats float. I'd love to make paper boats and leave them along the trail of rainwater any day!

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keith jeffries

Fri 15th Sep 2023 23:33

a poem of childhood nostagia which brought back so many memories. I also made such paper toys. I would fly them as I could not afford a kite. I was thrilled to see them glide and swoop until their eventual abrupt landing. I liked you reflections in this poem, how you use the attribute of persevereance in later life, by accepting a set back and trying once more. A lesson to be learned.
Thank you for this,

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Manish Singh Rajput

Thu 14th Sep 2023 07:24

Thank you so much, Kevin. It means a lot to me. And I'd like to tell you that I learn a lot from your poems as well. You not only encourage me, but inspire me. I'm glad that I got to know you and your work. Keep writing, inspiring and exploring. Cheers.✨🌻

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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 13th Sep 2023 10:26

Thank you so much, Hélèna.
It means a lot to me.😊

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Tue 12th Sep 2023 19:12

Love the line:
"And those paper-boat and paper-rocket days
Were the days where I prioritized experimenting happiness."

"Experimenting happiness"...a great concept, Manish. This poem inspires me to get creative, even in a simple way.

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