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I've come across evidence

pointing out that there are knowledges

that are seriously disruptive to one's wellbeing. 


If someone has determined that 'ignorance is bliss',

why argue with that?


Perhaps one can live a blissful life without feeling bliss all the time?!

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Kevin Tan

Mon 11th Sep 2023 21:48

Clarification: one has to be careful with esotericism, mysticism,
occultism and basically anything to do with spirituality.

There are teachings online that were forbidden for centuries, even millennia. Like the Biblical Book of Revelation (Apocalypse), they describe things in a language highly metaphorical and completely unfactual. If our psyches (by lack of a better term) cannot grasp or comprehend certain concepts, they will malfunction BADLY.

The promise of an enlightened state of permanent bliss is absolutely alluring to many humans. This is a falsehood, a pretense. Such a state of mind does not exist on Earth in 2023. For the simple reason that we need our negative emotions for self-preservation. Fear to alert us, anger to set boundaries, sadness for empathy, jealousy for unfulfilled needs, guilt&shame for morality, hate&contempt for disapproval.

Happiness is not just a mindset. They are living conditions.

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