My wild and wonderful garden

My overgrown garden neglected it is not,

Nature is left to grow and get on with it's lot.

My garden left to do it's own thing is a very healthy space,

The protection given by the sun to the soil is just ace.


Wildlife thrives on what is perceived as a mess

Weeds are great for pollinations,long grass beetles bless.

My thoughts are uplifted by even the most sluggish of weeds,

I fill all the gaps by planting the most sensuous of seeds.


My overgrown garden is not a neglected one,

In it butterflies land and hedgehogs run.

My trees branch out and produce fresh air,

And generously spread their goodness ,for us all to share.


Weeds play a key role in producing a fertile soil,

And their roots stabilise a secure life in their toil.

Weeds with long stems draw up nutrients deeply set in the ground,

Cleverly when destroyed will re-emerge and to the surface rebound.


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Fri 9th Jun 2023 20:51

Like every gardener I love my garden😃

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Wed 7th Jun 2023 14:09

What a great descriptive poem of appreciation and caring for the wild garden. Really enjoyed this poem Hugh.

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 7th Jun 2023 13:54

A good idea to get away from the antiseptic and pristine, Hugh. It still requires work, though, doesn't it?😀

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Tue 6th Jun 2023 21:22

Well done Hugh. There's a campaign going to encourage people to not mow their lawns and to leave cemeteries untended etc. Good idea!👍

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Bethany Sallis

Tue 6th Jun 2023 18:42

Hallowed ground eh what Hugh? 👍

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