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A Bee's Deleterious Dream.

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I'm a labourer of your hive, 

You're the queen of the tribe,

I sleep every night dreaming of you, us,

And our budding love; intimately venomous -


I'd hum while you'd nectar the sweetness

Out of the yellow sunflowers and lavenders, 

You'd hum while I'd work my blood and sweat

Out to store the honey safely in the honeycomb,


We’d love irrespective of your royalty or my poverty,  

The butterflies would flap-dance joyfully,

And the grasshoppers would hop delightfully,

Vibing to our humming song of romanticism.  


Together we’d only gravitate onwards and upwards

Like the leaves of the pine trees seeking the sun’s kisses, 

We'd fly beyond the wasp nests without fear, 

Sail on the paper-boats on water, crystal-clear. 


And then comes the part that I dreadfully fear, 

We'd get into misunderstandings and fusses, 

You'd outrun me with your giant word-spitting venom, 

I'd defend myself by stinging you hard on the heart.


So, I wake up choosing to keep the infatuation discreet, 

Continue to serve you and keep out; six feet apart. 

You’ll continue being the queening wanderer, 

And I'll try and thrive to be the heart of the hive. 


Hopefully, I’ll see you around in another life,

Where love would come easy without pride.

In another simpler life, we’d restart and bloom

With compromising habitat and less strife.  

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Manish Singh Rajput

Tue 6th Jun 2023 17:33

Thank you so much, Bethany, John B, Uilleam, Grace and Kevin. I'm glad that you all liked it, your comments are a great means of motivation to me.🌻

Grace Meadows

Tue 6th Jun 2023 13:55

Manish, I always enjoy the pleasure of reading your wonderful poems and as the saying goes-more please!

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Tue 6th Jun 2023 12:18

Thanks Manish. I like the expression flap-dance.
We have an expression for the way bees fly: the "Waggle Dance"

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John Botterill

Tue 6th Jun 2023 06:59

You really are on cracking from, Manish. Stunning. Another gem from your growing collection 😎

Bethany Sallis

Mon 5th Jun 2023 22:40

Yet another beautiful poem Manish-many thanks and take care

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