Ever Vigilant, Forever Beautiful.

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A smack and crack on the spine, 

Bleeding arms from ugly claw marks, 

Scraped against thorny bushes and barks, 

Red capillaries in the eyes popping up, 

Gusts of agony, grunts of anger, groans of angst,

And a loud feminine roar against the giant outcast.

Cubs felt secured, Mama Bear was fuelled, 

The raged and scar-faced brown bear was misruled

Off his prowess, mobility and enormous grit. 


The battle went on for quite a while, 

One fought to store his belly for the winter, 

And another fought to feed her cubs in hibernation. 

The drive-by spectators made a quick filming on phones, 

While the documentarists and vloggers gathered with cams,

The war resulting in the favour of the latter bear-paw.

The cubs resumed feeding on the scattered berries,

The drive-by spectators entitled the act as dreadful, 

The documentarists had anecdotal evidence on film -

Of brutality against the unjust, vitality of offspring,

And totality of a mother’s love and protection.

The visiting kids from upstate California were moved, 

They had considered and named their Papas' a Superman

When there was also a Superwoman who's ever super vigilant.  


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Manish Singh Rajput

Tue 16th May 2023 06:13

Thank you so much for the kind comment, and pointing out the juxtaposition, John B.

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John Botterill

Mon 15th May 2023 17:13

Nature, red in tooth and claw. A fine poem, as ever, Manish.
I enjoyed the juxtaposition of Nature and social media!

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