Rule of the blade

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In the neon dressed city street

a hooded youth

yards away from where the knife

that had penetrated his chest

tries to stand


in his blood stained logo emblazoned attire

with fear filled eyes

he stands again momentarily before falling once more

his panicking voice adds its frightfulness

to the horror and fatally wasteful scene


O! young man!

you have no guardian Angel 

to come to your last minutes of life rescue

no playback to an hour ago

when you were laughing and enjoying your night out


bystanders will come, some ghoulishly interested

with their flashing phone cams

but none will be Smart enough

to capture He who is coming to collect your soul.

◄ Knife edge

Summing up ►


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Grace Meadows

Mon 15th May 2023 20:20

Many thanks for the comments Manish and Leon ( your guess is as good as mine Leon unfortunately )

Helene, Holden, Stephen Atkinson, Stephen Gospage, Red Brick Keshner, thank you all so much for the likings.


Sun 14th May 2023 12:58

How on earth are the authorities going to bring this murderous culture to an end Grace? I like many others would dearly love to know. My answer would be to hand out REAL sentences!

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Manish Singh Rajput

Fri 12th May 2023 18:45

A daunting event written down with a great perspective, especially the last stanza. A great read!
Thank you.

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