Sign of the Times

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Penning down all my pensive thoughts

Towards the last chapter and the nib breaks, 

A gust of wind sweeps all the pages away

To the upfront barren terrain of nothingness. 

I kick a stone out of frustration and utter angst.

Eventually getting to the backyard mini-garden; 

My green friends calming me down to roots, 

The peacock blossoming all its feathers to dance, 

A small sting by a baby bee hinting me of the next.


The clouds were gathering up again,

Reincarnating the harsh sweeper winds,

Blowing in the opposite way this time, 

Bringing back few pages with muddy dirt to the porch,

Hardly readable or consumable, almost wasted. 

The hardcover, “Book of You and I” never returned, 

Not neatly, neither muddy, nor torn in halves

It just disappeared into the land of nothingness, 

And that for me, was the sign of the times to let go.

let go

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Manish Singh Rajput

Mon 22nd May 2023 09:03

Thanks a lot, Matilda. Welcome to WOL, looking forward to read more of your work.

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Matilda Simakaj

Mon 22nd May 2023 08:28

The hardcover ''Book of you and I'' never returned! Great line with deep meaning. From nothingness we come and to the nothingness we will return. I loved the unfolding of signs that time has come to let go.

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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 17th May 2023 17:20

Thanks a lot, Kevin.

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Kevin Tan

Wed 17th May 2023 16:34

I think it's very creative. I admire its creativity

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Manish Singh Rajput

Fri 12th May 2023 20:52

Thank you, Leon. I should be calling you "sir", for your greater experience and expertise in writing than me. So, thank you sir!✨
Thank you, Grace. Glad that you liked it. More coming your way, ma'am!✨
Thank you, John B. Means a lot to me.✨

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John Botterill

Fri 12th May 2023 19:33

A moving poem. Emotive and expertly written, Manish.

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Grace Meadows

Fri 12th May 2023 18:20

How beautifully albeit frustratingly written Manish. More please!


Fri 12th May 2023 15:04

" calming me down to the roots" great line, great poem sir!


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