Undercover Memories Dwelling Underwater.

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This thing that's embedded deep underwater, 

We gauge it, excavate it, extract it, 

Every artifact whispers its past mysteries, 

Every page tides up the floating memories,

Surfing upon it, crystal eyes, wavy heart,

Diving deep-in, not anticipating the depth, 

As the rocky dead-end nears, we pull back

From the water, to the arid plain reality,

Dropping it all back within and propelling it

Safe and sound underwater, for days like these, 

Another craving might lure us back underwater, 

On another “down the memory lane day” -

To bring back a smile, shed another tear again

Into the sea, the secret keeper, the beholder. 

We’ll embrace it yet again, live another us-day again,

But inhibit spilling the worms, not letting another fish know

Of our undercover memories dwelling deep down underwater.

◄ Flowers' Complaints to the Florist.

Not Sparing Any Log ►


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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 10th May 2023 10:25

Thank you so much John B, Kevin and Grace for the generous comments, It means a lot to me.💛
Surprisingly, I didn't right, edit and post this one. It was spontaneous, like the thoughts were just in my headspace and I typed it off. So, John B, I'm glad that you loved and appreciated it.✨
Kevin, I'm a filmmaker, that's the reason why it reflects I guess.😅
Grace, I believe that's were my interest lies, to pen down unusuals and break the shackles.😊

Thank you all for the likes, it's much appreciated.🌻

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Grace Meadows

Tue 9th May 2023 20:41

You have quite a knack Manish of penning the unusual. Great!

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Kevin Tan

Tue 9th May 2023 16:56

Absolutely fascinating! Absolutely fascinated. This poem reads like a film/movie. I'm shaking

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John Botterill

Tue 9th May 2023 13:41

I love this poem, Manish, expressive as it is, of so much memory and emotion.
I love how ordinary objects achieve significance. A classic poem! 💪

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