Charlotte (Quand elle était un rêve)

Charlotte, we call her Lot, my God, was just a little girl

And we were little boys with toys, our banners still unfurled

Brigitte & Serge were in bed, just like our parents young

And we were eight and couldn't wait till Baywatch had begun

Then Charlotte came, and Charlotte came, and Gael García Bernal

And Brühl and Master Cumberbatch who soon became to rule

With only One Direction which was Universal Love

This is our Hour of Power, this is all and it's enough!!!

◄ TED-event @ the Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam, 2012)

De Hoorn van Holland (The Horn of Holland) ►


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Manish Singh Rajput

Sun 7th May 2023 13:32

One Direction!!❤️

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