A few pages from the book of animality

Skylark secreted in the heather

Raven atop the Castle heights

Robin pip-pipping in the hedgerows

Eagle on thermally assisted flight


Wild boar snuffling for acorns in the forest

Stag broad antlered a-wooing does at will

Hares on the green slopes boxing opponents

Corncrakes rarely sounding trill


Frogs attend their croaking get togethers

Lepidopteran flits from reed to reed

while from His heavenly rostrum creative wand a-waving

God orchestrates Mother Natures magic

for the grateful sake of human need.


◄ Blood flower

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Grace Meadows

Sat 6th May 2023 22:48

My absolute pleasure Leon as it also is to thank you, Manish
and K. Lynn and Tim.


Sat 6th May 2023 15:56

Anything in favour of promoting the beauty of our wildlife is fine by me Grace-cheers!


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