The Psychotic Lover

Oh if only you loved me the way I loved you

If only you had read those paragraphs I sent you when you didn't text me back 

If only you knew whos blood was on my hands to ensure you stayed safe

I did it for you 

All for you

What does it matter if a few people had to die in order for me to keep you?

Id burn this world and everyone in it to make sure you were mine

I need you

I can't survive without you

Can't you see?

We were meant for eachother

You made me like this 

Can't you see dear?

This, is what true love looks like

But you didn't understand me

You didn't understand everything i did for you


You were scared when you found out

You tried to run from me

I tried to make you listen but you just wouldn't

Oh why my love didnt you listen?

Can't you see?

You made me do it

You didn't want me

You said you didn't love me

This at least i hope you can understand made me mad

No, not mad

You absolutley obliviated my heart

You shattered it into a million peices

The shards of my heart being the very murder weapon

You see my love

I wouldn't have given you such a painful end if only you had listened

I would have made it quick

One shot in the head, instead of endless slashes through your flesh and muscles

I might have even let you live if you had just listened


you would still be here with me

Your true love

And you know i speak the truth 

no one else knows you the way i know you

And now no one ever will

In some sort of sick way im kind of glad 

no one

Will ever know you the way i do

It makes me smile just saying it

You hate to admit it but you loved me

I know you were lying I just know

But i hope this shows my true devotion to you

When they catch me and send me away to that prison at least i'll know 

Im not a killer


Im just a lover










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