More Chores for Sores šŸ˜©

Pay your taxes, pay your bills

Do the laundry, save some money

Clean the toilets, clean the sheets

Check the updates and the feats

Check the mailbox, online too

Sell some stocks and buy some too

Fix your laptop, not your tablet

Apple, iPodPad, I've had it!

Petting pets and planting plants ...

All theĀ life this life demandsĀ 

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Uilleam Ɠ Ceallaigh

Sat 18th Mar 2023 09:11

Don't forget the washing -up!šŸ˜

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Klementa Abela

Fri 17th Mar 2023 17:07

WOW!! SO relatable!!šŸ˜­

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