One for another

(music: "Internal Flight" - Estas Tonne)

Following all sought for

You let go

Of pain

As you do the grip of a chord

Mastering agony as just another song

In rhythms of backward clocks

You let go of the moments

leaping into your old pond

of tears uncried

letting someone listen

to the sound

of pain


leaving behind stillness

emersed in yearning searches

for the depths of

harmony in climax.


Remembering all lived for

you let go

of future

before the flow catches your flesh

without a battle

without a cry

just as a dice

thrown out on a board

you’re fair

but not even

cause you lived for too long

and saw time let go

of eternity

in circles dissipated

one after another

in chords griped

one after another

in moments lived

one for another.

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