The choice

(music: "Dream 3"- Max Richter)

How shall I empty

This present full of tears behold

One carried along

For too long

Torn sideways by delusion and pain

One too full

Of senseless searches

for meaning and justice

cause pain cannot be felt


Just like beauty cannot be felt


And death cannot be accepted

By anyone who shared

Them both.



this liberator of paths

For others to seek

An oath not pledged but given

For you know beauty

while I know pain

and I leave

so that you die the right way

with your mind in your mind

while choosing nothing

and I die slowly

in every single instant

while being nothing

but a life lost to choicelessness

for you knew we can't die together

and offered your moments

plain to flow

towards that point of liberation

that others carve for you

in their neverending search of life lived

and death feared

a liberation you don’t understand

but feel and search

in every glance you catch

a hope approved

in lived momentum of exchanges promised

but made not

for we fall for them too quickly

but never fully grasp

the beauty of surrender

to choicelessness

offered in exchange for trust

since nothingness creates this mirror

true to you

where learning happens

the same moment

as forgetting lets it go

and notes of solitude


two hands

two eyes

and selfless being

entrenched in understandings that are always late

created to save meaning

for a truth too difficult to bare

a presence hanging

in a now extended

full of fear

of the most beautiful and honest

lack of expectation

and an ungrounded choice of anything called human 


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