From New York, With Love.

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When I'd first met you, 
Can't explain how frenzy I'd behaved. 
From the daylight butterflies, 
To the dark night fireflies, 
I could feel everything around me. 

It was a feeling out of this world,
Like how the comets collide, 
Like how the stars collide. 
And people have wishes to make 
Of the loved ones they desire. 

I made a wish too. 
To grow old with you, 
To get to the countryside 
And watch sunsets with you. 

I've learnt it the hard way
That not all wishes come true. 
Now that you've marooned me 
On this deserted island,
It feels like everything that I'd ever expressed, 
Is that everything that you'd always suppressed. 

Five years down, 
I've been waiting for you 
Since the month of may. 
I will keep waiting 
Till all my hair turns grey. 

Cause I know that 
Even if you've been hard on moving on,
You'd be finding me 
In every person that you meet. 
The memories of me 
Will forever distract you
In everything that you heed. 
Would you think of returning? Yes indeed.
After all, people return home 
When they're tired and need sleep. 
43 Lawston, New York, Backstreet.

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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 8th Mar 2023 08:55

Thank you for reading it and connecting with it Keith. Glad that you liked it. Cheers.

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keith jeffries

Wed 8th Mar 2023 08:24

A love poem from the heart of the lover to the beloved, as only such poems can be. Those moments in life when we are consumed by the love of another are found exquisitely written in these lines.
Thank you for this

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