All the blood I have seen,

Staining my hands.

All the corpses

In the streets, under rubble,

Seems like victory is a long way from now.


But us soldiers will not give up.

Some of us are bursting with grief,

the losses of our families.

This grief fuels us to show you,

Dear Hateful One,

That what you do to us,

We use against you.



When I allow myself to feel,

To think,

I remember a soul, a living being,

Which loved me so.

But now, I’m not sure if she’s alive…

My beloved one,

I will never forget you.


Every time I try to close my eyes,

To rest a bit, maybe even sleep…

Such an impossible thing,

Which we took for granted.


Last week,

I fought in an area,

Old in my memories,

My neighbourhood.


All the houses

Which were built with such precision,

Such beauty,

Houses which held memories for all of us.

Bombed down.

None of them alive,

 None of them upright.



I think about peace,

I think about that feeling

Of safety,

Which feels so extinct in me.


Maybe after this,

After all of this,

I can find you,

Maybe you’re still there.


We will stay here,

Help build what we used to have,

Help in our country.





Dear Hateful One,

This is for you.

We are here,

We are fuelled by what you killed,

                            What you took from us.


Don’t think,

That this land,

This beautiful land,

Is nothing else

But Ours.





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