The pros and cons of being satisfied

Loving you to a faults degree. 

You’ll never know what loving you means to me.

A sacred bond we have somehow. 

A bond I can’t break, a vow 

Loyalty that knows no bounds. 

A loyalty you could never know.

I’m loyal but the extent is what we’ll never speak about. 

Simply put, loving you not’s simple

Loving you is not text book.

When people write of love they write so you can relate. 

This love I carry is more than words can articulate.

Too deep for words to put.

Unknown territory unmasking its veins

Lonely is the one that bares the weight of loving you alone. 

Burdened with hindsight 

Belittled with foresight. 

Consumed with the consequence of being happy on the inside.

Burdened with the fear of there ever being an end.

Paranoid and on edge 

The side effect of happiness

Tainted with remembering what not knowing this feels like.

The best meal you’ve ever had

Bitter sweet because it goes by fast

Almost wishing that

You didn’t know the difference. 

Nothing else will measure up.

Now every meal becomes less appealing. 

Things could always be worse

Is a saying of those who never felt what it’s like to know there’s better.

It’s easy to be okay in life if you never know the difference.

Don’t know what your missing 

Loving you is beautiful but terrifying.

The pros and cons of being satisfied. 

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