Kejserens nye klæder



Out loud we write: “Let women speak!”

Out loud we say: “Enough’s enough,

Our mental health’s future is ever so bleak,

It isn’t the cough that’ll carry us off,

And it’s not being fat, ‘cos woke's banned that,

It’s the bloody claptrap in those re-written Puffins,

The truth we must speak: that bloke’s a bloke,

The Emperor’s in the bollocky buff,

He’s bollocky buff, what’s that I see poke?

Just watch his bollocks when the Emperor coughs,

The Emperor’s a feller, and he’s ever so bollocky buff!


◄ P-P-P-Pick Up a Penguin (instead of a Puffin Stalinist Diktat)

Posie Parker, I Am Arresting You On Suspicion of Being a Woman ►


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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 23rd Feb 2023 08:17

Thanks Stephen. and thanks all for the likes.
I was raised in the Catholic faith and "reverence" for both spiritual and temporal authority was the currency of my daily more!

To think that people in the highest echelons of the UK government, of the UK judiciary and of Academe, some of whom have their fingers on the Big Red Button actually subscribe to this bullshit defies belief.
Reverence my arse! 😂

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 23rd Feb 2023 07:36

I like the irreverence of this, Uilleam.

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