The calm before the ocean

My heads above the water 

I’m floating on the surface 

I’m safe and the oceans still

Relieved but not naive. 

The pause in temper is what’s saving me but calm is not how you describe the sea.

The calm before the storm is a saying for a reason. 

For now I’m basking in the moment.

Maybe when it comes I won’t be with it

The only thing I know for sure is if i am this was worth it. 

Just me and my ocean. 

A beast who’s now soft spoken.

I survived the wrath this time 

And I’ll do the same again if I’m forced to. 

There’s beauty in the mess of things 

And the calm is the reward.

I’m floating in the ocean and somehow I’m in the clouds 

Being here I feel so small

And I like it better now. 

I’m just a spec of dust in the world beneath the ocean.

It makes my problems small

It heals the wounds that are open. 

Drowns narcissism, tames my ego.

Billions of people on this planet 

I’m not the axel that keeps it standing. 

Who I am or not will never change the current

I’m this moment I’m just a girl I’m the ocean. 

Loving in this moment 

Here for the ride even in the change of tides

To the moon I’m not important 

Here for the freedom that that provides. 

Violent weather and peaceful dinners 

A combination that I’ve been trained yo deal with.

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