Do Not Conform

A world war -we're told- was "fought for freedom".

We won it - we're told.

And if we hadn't -we're told-

We'd all be "speaking German" now.

Well I don't give a toss what language we speak,

I'm fluent in English, was fluent in French,

I can get by in Spanish; but the language I can't stick,

Is the language of lies, the language of bullies,

Agree with me, agree with us, or else,

We'll have you thrown out of your job,

Your child will be thrown out of school,

You'll lose your home,

You'll lose your professional qualifications

Because we don't give a toss

About the truth,

Because we don't give a toss

About the scientific evidence,

Or about Justice,

Just shut up,

And put up,

Repeat after us:

"Yes sir, no sir,

three bags full".







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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Mon 16th Jan 2023 08:42

If anyone is in any doubt as to the dangers which free speech and Women's rights are in;

(hard-won rights which I support because my mother, believe it or not was a Woman, my sisters are women and my wife is one)

then let them look at what happenned to Professor Robert Wintemute, a Human Rights Law Professor, when he tried to give a speech about Women's rights at Mc Gill University in Canada.

If the message that "Women have Human Rights" is now
"Controversial"; then God help us all.

"Fascism"- shutting down poets on a poetry site near you....????????????????

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sun 15th Jan 2023 13:44

Thanks for your comments.
I wasn't exagerating in my post about the Fascists.

What is happening to Canadian clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson is truly frightening-and similar things are beginning to happen here.
eg: at Tavistock.

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Greg Freeman

Sun 15th Jan 2023 12:57

The Ministry of Truth. Today's ministers refuse to appear on the media, or only speak lies when they do.

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 14th Jan 2023 17:14

A fine poem, Uilleam. Freedom must be defended; it can't be taken for granted. A bas les tyrans!

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