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Purple lavenders neatly wrapped,

The flower vendor sprays his secret

Lovey-dovey fragrant spray on it. 

Clay attaches his heartfelt note 

And gets going on the boat. 


Crossing the lake that particular night, 

Felt like crossing the ocean. 

But the Mangata paved his way,

And he couldn't wait to see May. 


The boat finally touches the ground. 

Clay reaches the mansion, 

He sneaks past the guard dogs, 

And jogs through the big arcade. 

He is camouflaged in black to

Keep away from the surveillance. 

Also, May loved him in black. 


He climbs on the bricked wall. 

The climbing chalk eases his way up.

He gets to the windowsill. 

The only love of his life looks 

As pretty and fresh as ever. 


As he raises his hand from the grip

To gently knock on the window,

He sees another hand lay on May. 

He knew that touch, it belonged to him. 


The transparent view of betrayal 

Left him trembling on the 

Tangential end of the windowsill. 

He had seen what he didn't deserve to. 

He falls down with the lavenders 

Scattered all around him. 


He surpasses the guards.

He gets past the guard dogs.

He sneaks past the surveillance,

But he never gets past himself,

After what he had witnessed that night.

After giving someone the right

To beat his heart black and blue,

And leave no residue. 



















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Manish Singh Rajput

Sat 14th Jan 2023 18:02

Thank you Stephen. 😄

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 14th Jan 2023 17:27

Another lovely poem, Manish.

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