Never Mind the Bollocks!

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She’s too white!

He’s too ginger!


She’s too rich!

He’s too rich!


She’s too black!

He’s too white!


She’s too slim!

He’s too fat!


She’s not white enough!

He’s not fair haired enough!


She’s not black enough!

He’s not auburn enough!


She’s not rich enough!

He’s not rich enough!


I’m not rich enough,

‘Cos I don’t write enough Murdochian bollocks!


You’ve too much time on your hands,

So you keep buying my bollocks!


You keep reading my bollocks!

And believing my bollocks!


Meanwhile your next-door neighbour,

An NHS nurse with two school-age children,


You know the one?

The one we all clapped for like idiots?


You know the lass-

The one who looked after that lad?


The lad who had that serious accident at work?

But who is now back at work?


Thanks to that “whingeing,

“lefty, trouble-making” NURSE,


She’s officially classed by HIS MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENT as:

“Working in Poverty”,


She has to choose between heating

And eating for her children.


But who gives a flying fornication eh!

As long as you keep


Buying and reading my Murdochian bollocks,

It’ll keep your mind off that


“Whingeing, lefty, trouble-making” NHS NURSE,

Precisely what HIS MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENT want!



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Stephen Gospage

Sat 14th Jan 2023 09:27

I think that this poem hits the spot, Uilleam. Yes, others have the right to read Murdoch's rubbish but in our free society we also have the right to say that it is rubbish, and repeatedly, in a loud voice.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Fri 13th Jan 2023 12:23

Thanks for your comments.

I am not a monarchist, but the recent attacks by the sewer press on Prince Harry have now been demonstrated to be outright lies.

He has never "BOASTED" about enemy deaths.

I suspect that their attacks on Harry and Megan have more to do with her colour and background, and his refusal to kowtow to the establishment.

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Adam Whitworth

Thu 12th Jan 2023 17:38

You have a good point reggie's ghost.

Somebody must have been voting conservative; someone fills the charts with stupid music; someone likes the rubbish programmes all over the telly or they wouldn't be there.

It's a shame but maybe people get what they deserve. Not just the blighters who vote tory and the rest of it but also the fools who don't pull strongly enough in a better direction.

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Reggie's Ghost

Thu 12th Jan 2023 15:05

In a free country we have the freedom to choose what newspaper we read. If the population are liberal and caring why do they choose the Sun and Mail and not the Guardian? There must be something in the messages that attract people? And if they choose to read right wing messages then perhaps that what we are, and not as liberal and caring as some think we are.

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