The Payphone Booth

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Midnight 1:09 a.m. GMT, 

Down the starry night,

Alongside the gloomy 

Street of a town in Norwich, 

A DOP finds a dog trapped

In a payphone booth. 


The door is half opened. 

The dog shrinked and depleted

As the wind whistled-in through 

The half opening of the door. 

He grew submissive 

As the human approached. 


The DOP leaves his scarf in,

And withdraws passively, 

Closing the door completely. 

The eyes of the dog glittered blue,

Like the floating bioluminescence.

He looked calm like the night sea. 


Perhaps, he wasn't trapped at all.  

Perhaps, he was just fighting the cold.

The DOP spends his last few 

Fleeting moments capturing the 

Beautiful boy in the payphone booth,

Before the duty called to the next location.

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Manish Singh Rajput

Thu 12th Jan 2023 03:52

I know right! Thanks for the read Patricia and Stephen Wilde. 😃

<Deleted User> (34737)

Wed 11th Jan 2023 20:06

awww poor little guy-but no way are animals stupid

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