Telling the Truth is Now a Hate Crime

The Fascists aren’t coming to burn books in the square,

That was then, in the war, it could never happen here,

The Fascists are coming to arrest mother and me,

Because once, as a child, I dared ask a big question,

The Fascists are coming to arrest my mum,

For telling me the facts of life,

The Fascists are coming, because they’ve heard a rumour,

That I asked of my mother “where do babies come from?”

The Fascists are coming because a rumour they’ve heard,

Is she answered: “From mummies and daddies in love”,

The Fascists are coming for real criminals,

Such as folk who maintain they’re ADULT HUMAN FEMALES,

The Fascists are coming for your FEMALE CHILDREN,

Who protest the invasion of changing-room privacy,

The Fascists aren’t coming for the criminals in power,

The Oligarch’s launderettes up there in the city,

The Fascists are coming because they’ve bugger all else to do,


Who just want to be left alone in the loo.


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keith jeffries

Mon 9th Jan 2023 14:50

I came in here broken hearted, paid a penny a penny and only farted. This I wrote on the loo wall. The Fascists arrested me for being obscene.
Thanks for this poem.

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