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The difference between myself and me.

Living life or standing still 

my vices are in the middle of what i’m doing and my potential 

logically I am perfect 

my actions yield the difference. 

And in between wright from wrong 

Lies the difference between myself and me

The recipe to disaster that complacency tends to weave

Knowing where you want to be is the torcher to those not driven 

The future is birthed by the present 

Yet the future seems to feel so distant.

A cycle of repeating shit that your past self wishes you wouldn’t.

Your present self just pacifies the moment.

One more time won’t hurt you.

Your future self won’t suffer much

and if you do, I don't feel it yet.  

The one that bares the weight of what changing nothing will always deliver. 

But that’s a problem for tomorrow. 

I’ll snap out of it before I deal with the consequence of not trying harder. 


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Fri 30th Dec 2022 18:34

I love the title! A poem that aptly describes the human dilemma

<Deleted User> (34685)

Fri 30th Dec 2022 16:36

Yuk! that traipsing through the shit departments of life-on one hand being given the right life tools is all very well but on the other hand its knowing how to use them that can be the arse

like your style Chelsea, keep writing lady!
oh yeah....Happy New Year! yeah right!

god! I'm a miserable old git! 😂


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