Carúl Inis Córthaidh

I'm not singing out of tune-It's the latest technique in solo singing; err, "serial sliding microtones".

Dia dhuit WOL! conas tá tú inniu?

Hello WOL! How are you today?


Is mise Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh, agus tá mé i mo chónaí i

contae Lancashire (Palatine!).

I’m Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh, and I live in Lancashire County Palatine.

Nollaig Shonah dhuit!

Happy  Christmas!


I’m recording this with the help of a very nice triple-distilled Irish Whiskey-note the spelling of Whiskey!

Apparently, it’s good practice to keep one’s mouth well-lubricated during recording!

Carúl Inis Córthaidh, also known as Carúl Loch Garman is a traditional 12th Century religious Irish Christmas

Carol originating from County Wexford, Inis Córthaidh.



Ó, tagaigí uile is adhraigí

Oh come all and adore


An leanbh cneasta sa chró ‘na luí

The sweet child who lies in the cattle-shed

Is cuimhnígí ar ghrá an Rí

And remember the King’s love

A thug dár saoradh anocht an Naí.

That gave us the infant tonight for our salvation.






’S a Mhuire Mháthair i bParrthas Dé,

  And Mother Mary in God’s Paradise,

Ar chlann bhocht Éabha guigh anois go séimh,

Pray gently now for Eve’s poor children

Is doras an chró ná dún go deo

And never close the cattle shed’s door


Go n-adhraim feasta Mac Rí na hÓighe.

That I may forever worship the son of the Virgin's King.






I mBeithil thoir i lár na hoíche

East in Bethlehem in the middle of the night

Ar chlos an dea-scéala d’aoirí,

When shepherds heard the good news

Go follas don saol ón spéir go binn

clearly to the world, sweetly from the sky

Bhí aingle ‘canadh ó rinn go rinn.

Angels sang from every corner of the eart




“Gluaisigi go beo,” dúirt Aingeal Dé,

“Come along quickly”, said God’s Angel,

“Go Beithil sall is gheobhaidh sibh É

To yonder Bethlehem and you will find Him

Ina luí go séimh i mainséar tuí,

Lying gently ina manger of straw

Sin É an Prionsa, Mac Óg an Rí.

That’s the Prince, the King’s Young Son.









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