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War Declared on NHS

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The NHS-hating Tory hypocrites said “clap”;

Like the fool that I was, in the cold at our door,

I cheered and I whistled for the Tory claptrap,

While those partying scumbags sicked up booze on the floor,

Set emergency alarms off; and the Met Plod did nothing!

I couldn’t go to cuddle my new little granddaughter,

The young and the old went un-mourned in their coffins,

Now the Tories are clapping for the NHS’s slaughter.

Give our nurses fair pay, it’s their hard-earned reward,

Nurses working in poverty’s a bloody disgrace,

We need less Tory bullshit, more beds on the wards,

You Tory bastards; waste of oxygen and space.

Clapping Nurses and Ambulance staff  won’t pay the bills,

And they won’t wipe Tory arseholes, nor give them their pills.




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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sun 25th Dec 2022 09:32

Thank you Flyntland.

It is indeed "Strongly worded ", and in the normal course of my day, I don't use that kind of language-however, my physical safety is being threatened by a bunch of psychopaths.

The phrase "swearing like a trooper" exists for a very good reason: when a soldier's life is in imminent danger, emotions are to say the least, viscerally felt.

And when my very life, my physical well-being, that of my loved ones, and that of my fellow citizens is threatened by deliberate government choices, I feel justified in "swearing like a trooper".

There's no F in "beds on the wards"!
There's no F in "nurses on the wards"!
There's no F in "JUSTICE"!

Sorry mum, but I was the best speller in my class at school-I know these things! 😡

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sun 25th Dec 2022 08:27

The NHS Pay Review Body is supposed to be an “advisory non-departmental” public body, but it is sponsored by the Department of Health, and it is used by the government to set pay in the NHS.

1. The Treasury sets the annual remit, including the financial limits that the PRB must work within;
2. The treasury appoints and pays members of the PRB;
3. The government provides the PRB with its secretariat.

The PRB is clearly NOT independent, and it is therefore not fit for purpose.

For that reason, the GMB union-which represents tens of thousands of health-workers including ambulance workers is pulling out of the process.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 24th Dec 2022 21:12

NB I'm old enough to recall a pub conversation here in central
London in the 1970s when, in similar times, a local Socialist
councillor pompously declared that nursing was a vocation -
as if that precluded nurses from any claim to an increase in
their wages. it is dispiriting now to hear a similar view taken
by a Tory politician. Whilst 19% is pie in the sky right now,
there should still be room for a staggered annual increase in
their income and that should be on the table while the country
attempts to retain its credibility in the global financial market..
And some deft pruning on managerial staff and their high incomes wouldn't go amiss either!

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Sat 24th Dec 2022 19:35

Strongly worded - but the anger is fully justified - why should working people be used to subsidies those who can afford to pay a little more in taxes.? There would be no strikes if fairnes was the order of the day.
The NHS benefits all of us and we should not expect nurses to work themselves into the ground because of staffing shortages.
The fact that some nurses are using food banks and others are leaving in droves must tell us something.
How can anyone save for a 'nest egg' for their old age if they are forced to live from day to day?
A confrontational response from the government is not one that makes sense or do they have a divide and rule policy before anouncing a sudden General Election.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 24th Dec 2022 17:01

The recent decisions by government certainly deserve due
attention and criticism. Adapability will always be the secret
of success. The government refers to the existence of the
independent pay review body and logically states that it is not
for politicians to usurp its findings and recommendations...
otherwise what;'s the point of having it in the first place. That
said, perhaps more flexibility towards a split annual increase
over the coming two or three years would show "willing" and
could be a way to come to an agreement. Intractability on both
sides is no answer at this or any time. I consider that there are
certain public services that should not strike and that this
should be recognised in every pay negotiation. Unions
representing these services should be led in that spirit, detached from the strident drum-bashing style that epitomises
certain of that ilk. One particular union seems to have gone off
the rails (no pun intended) with its frequency of pay claims in recent years. ...

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