Predatory Paedophile Clapping Song

(In the style of 'I am a pretty little Dutch girl')


I am a pretty little schoolgirl

as pretty as pretty can be be be

and all the boys in the neighbourhood

go crazy over me me me


I met a boy on the internet

who said he was fourteen teen teen

He told me I was beautiful

the best he'd ever seen seen seen


He said that I was really fit

and wanted to meet me me me

I put on loads of make-up

and sneaked off after tea tea tea


We met in the old pavillion

he sat me on his knee knee knee

He did not look like fourteen

but more like forty three three three


His face was rough and hairy

and hardly love's young dream dream dream

He touched me on my private parts

which made me start to scream scream scream


I ran home in a panic

and phoned the police up nine nine nine

but they were much too busy

with thirty year old crime crime crime


When Mum asked where I'd been that night

I told a pack of lies lies lies

I don't go out much anymore

just stay at home and cry cry cry


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Mon 5th Dec 2022 07:40

Thanks guys. Parents need to make their children aware of the dangers out there.

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jennifer Malden

Sun 4th Dec 2022 20:55

Agree with Pete that the idea of putting something so appalling in a children's ryhme is really food for thought.

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Pete (edbreathe)

Sat 3rd Dec 2022 00:16

The juxtaposition of darkness in nursery rhyme form is brilliant

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