A newfound fire burns bright within me

that cannot be put out by lifes rain

my soul now flies where sadness is unable to follow

and cloak me with its pain

my spirit defies any chainings treads not unwarily into sorrows cage

my mind laughs in the faces of hatred and evil to hear them screaming in a frustrated rage

and should darknesses think they own my soul at anytime think its theirs to take

how foolish because I live in the providence of the suns dominion into which they will never break

these discovered strengths came from on high I'm convinced when my hopes had fallent to the floor

as I fought my way through each days storms looking for help found that I

had unknowingly  stumbled through my futures guardian angels door


now my life no longer walks over me but beside me and not one single day is dull

the book of me once empty is now and forever will be full

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Rose Casserley

Sun 20th Nov 2022 18:30

amazingly romantic how some couples get together Helene and what a lovely story you tell about your Grandma and her beau!

followed by your equally as nice comment thank you CHUCK! 😊

and with lady warriors in mind have a read about the first Amercan black lady to fly a plane, Bessie Coleman (WOW!!) who wouldn't take no for an answer but who later on tragically lost her life while flying

nevertheless she achieved her very inspiring goal!

Rose 💋

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Sun 20th Nov 2022 16:56

This brave, soul-warrior poem lifted me up! Thanks Rose! I often think of the brave folks during WWII ("keep calm & carry on" was the British slogan I believe). My grandmother on my mother's side was a German immigrant to the US (she migrated to Mexico after WWI, married a Scottish man she met in Mexico, then they both moved to California). My heart breaks for Ukraine during this war. Praying for peace, always. Violence & troubles appear to be our planetary destiny, at least for now. I guess it's our job to just carry on & help however we can.

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Rose Casserley

Sun 20th Nov 2022 15:21

Guys, though it's getting harder and harder to keep one's head above the sea of society's troubles we must consider the fact that as they say there is always light at the end of every tunnel

patience. hope, and holding on to that fact will help to keep a smile of positivity on our faces in times of darkness and help keep the flames of positivity

' burning ' in our hearts '

thanks Stephen and Keith

Rose 💋

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keith jeffries

Sun 20th Nov 2022 09:32

A poem which comes from the heart and experience and written with supreme confidence.
I enjoyed this
Thank you

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 20th Nov 2022 08:40

I love the power and rhythm of this poem, Rose. The zest, in fact.

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