Times of youthfulness like old photographs inevitably fade

those gone days in which the suns glorious stay 

seemed never to be by every nights impostion too soon waylaid

and oh!their companion JOY! a happy short lived spirit free of age

how he uncaged and lead their carefree souls in a naive dance

offering its false promise of eternal light and endless love

while above the predatorial inescapable future hovering to rout

every foolish thought of making an immortal pact

oh those fools blinded to the fact

that the spectre of time looked on unimpressed

none could guess at of conclusions he would bring about

to flout all assumptions of happiness without end

O! no friend was he for you and me

being unaware of times descending curtain

so certain the dance would forever go on

we were at one with those dreams of never dying days

applauding them with many a loud encore

alas! no more! times closure comes down and cruelly severs

never again shall an assured smile be on the lips of each

no reach can ever return through the decades cloaking veil

so will end the tale, the unpredictable story

unfound will be eternal glory we did seek.        


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Rose Casserley

Wed 16th Nov 2022 15:09

Just to let the folks who kindly made comments and liked my previous poem ' Autumns last leaf '

that I had accidently deleted it-DOHHH!!!

ne'er the less thanks to you all!

Rose 💋

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