Or is the road to revival too rocky?

I'll go on praying for that day to come

when we have all learned to be as one

all bitternesses gone from between our nations


our weaponries be left to rust

no more will death fall from the skies

only birds and butterflies will wing above us


we're born of stardust and our earthly time is golden

let nothing else but truth and love grow in each souls garden


brothers and sisters can walk beside each other

until we emerge from hatreds fog

and dismantle every cog of Satans maschinations


maybe then the way will be clear to return to Edens gate

it can never be too late to seek a new beginning


where we and Mother Earth will go on winning all the way

what more can I say but-

I'll go on praying!


◄ While the Sun sleeps

Hurrah for the bread salvagers! ►


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Rose Casserley

Tue 8th Nov 2022 19:30

One has to maintain one's positivity eh what Tom?
cheers matey!

Big virtual 'ug's and appreciative bows in the direction of-
Stephen G. Stephen A, and Helene.

Rose 💋

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Tom Harding

Tue 8th Nov 2022 09:37

A good and hopeful call to action Rose!

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