While the Sun sleeps

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Glowing windows of  residences

stepping their ways down and

terracing the hillsides

sparkling like fallen stars

until surrendering

to the superior congregation

of the nights darkness.


Sheep, effigies of Godliness

whitely contrasting with the tenebrous gloom

bleating anthologies of pitifulness


Perched, an Owl unfolds

and paley ascends, predatorily, ghostly surveying

his wind whispered domain

while obscured in the fretwork of shadowed trees

the birds of the day slumber


Vulpinous, red coated,  bushy tailed hunters

and snuffling Badgers are afoot

seeking theur shares of the nocturnal fayre


as tumbling clouds intermittently open

allowing the Moonlight to softly powder

the dew glinting swaying crop fields

and incite the aura of peacefulness


and while the brotherly and sisterly Collies

in the silvery glistening cobbled farmyards

are watching over

the byres temporary tenants

the grunting occupants of the sty's

and those clucking in the hen houses


tranquilty, soft footed, and velvet gloved

hush's by towards dawn.   


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Rose Casserley

Mon 7th Nov 2022 18:00

Frederick 👍 Stephen 👍 Beth 👍 Nigel 👍


Rose 💋

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Bethany Sallis

Mon 7th Nov 2022 11:48

What I would call a real poetical wowser Rose, thank you!

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 6th Nov 2022 15:34

Rich in every way, Rose. A delight.

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Rose Casserley

Sun 6th Nov 2022 09:56

Thanks very much for liking Frederick

Rose 💋

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