Breezy day.

You were the wind sweetheart,

In the cold you stung but I didn’t care.

When it was warm you felt like a warm hug,

Cuddling me like a teddy bear.


You were everywhere,

And are still here now. 

In my imagination,

I see glimpses of anything you allow.


Each leaf blowing as the air surrounds me,

Wrapping me in an autumn cloak

Handmade by you and your songs.

I can still smell your smoke.


Drifting in with the wind,

Candles remind me of you,

Fires remind me of you,

The chilly winter air reminds me of you.


Who new I would be writing this,

On a Halloween evening

With the blankets over my shoulders,

And your breath not tickling my head as you kiss me goodnight.


In my dreams you shine bright,

I swear your still here.

What’s death anyway?


Hearts never evaporate,

Your body decomposes into soil,

And your soul turns into the wind,

Keeping me company on my dark days.


I don’t think this is just a phase.


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Stephen Gospage

Fri 4th Nov 2022 08:35

A very moving poem. Thank you.

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