The Inn at The End of The World


The Rebels have all gone

They live in Seaside Towns,

They’ve done all that could be done

They’re Slippered now and Dressing Gowned


Apart from those who dwell in Pubs

In Whiskey Spills and Resignation,

Once the Spokes of Dizzied Hubs

The Promised rise of Brighter Nation


And who’d begrudge their quiet Defeat?

When even Victories Fade,

To reminisce what’s now complete

Beyond the Barricade



◄ Firework


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Tue 4th Oct 2022 10:06

Thank you for comments and likes.

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Mon 3rd Oct 2022 10:19

Unmistakeable writing with a quiet and reflective conviction as ever.


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Sun 2nd Oct 2022 16:27

Certainly many rebels deserve their peaceful does any person who has committed themselves to selfless struggle.

The ethical and moral worth of those struggles being open to debate.

Thank you for your comment and for the likes.

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Russell Jacklin

Sun 2nd Oct 2022 13:20

'They’re Slippered now and Dressing Gowned,
Love that line, evokes images of found comfort

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