Finding it impossible to get a doctor's appointment

I began the practise of self-diagnosis

which revealed that I was actually more ill than I thought


I had athlete's foot, housemaid's knee and tennis elbow

My prostate was enlarged and pressed against my bladder

causing me to pee more...could it get any badder? (groan)

Yes it could. I had cancer of everything

and both types of diabetes


When I finally got to see the doc

he told me my health was fine

and I had a good physique

but I proved the bugger wrong

and died last Tuesday week


Doctors...what do they know!


Westonbirt ►


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 30th Sep 2022 16:46

The reference to the prostate resonated with me. My ongoing
medical supervision opined about a 20% chance of cancer - NOT an 80% chance of no cancer. do they know
(when they're not guessing!))? 😏

Reggie's Ghost

Thu 29th Sep 2022 13:32

The bladder/badder made me smile😀

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 28th Sep 2022 17:45

Glad to see it hasn't stopped you turning out good poetry!

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 28th Sep 2022 10:47

Wasn't it Spike Milligan who wanted 'I told them I was ill' on his headstone? Keep well!

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