For my 🧍‍♂️ mates 🧍

For four years you stood by me

Not knowing what was wrong

You said:


You are my mate

Our love is unconditional


And then I fell

From the heavens onto Earth

From Earth into hell


And there I found you

At the Salvation Army House

You had an XBox and DVDs

We watched Music & Lyrics and laughed out loud 😄


And I hurt you so much

I hurt you so much


But you forgave me


Like I forgive you


And now you've got a brand new place

Finally the smile you deserve on your face


And as far as I can tell

We're doing fucking well

As far as I can tell

We're doing bloody well !

◄ 🐚Metaphormo🐛is🦋

You don't have to tell me 🧑‍🎨 (Dutch) ►


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Fri 23rd Sep 2022 01:33

Yes you are doing very well. And that's a good reason.

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Kevin Tan

Mon 5th Sep 2022 14:22

@ Stephen

I changed the permissions again. You shouldn't be able to edit anymore.

@ Moonlight

That's beautiful. Thanks

@ keith

An xbox is a console for playing video games. Like the best Gizmo ever! 😉

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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 4th Sep 2022 22:35

Good poem, Kevin. But I've gone to hit the like button & it's the edit button, as if I've written it! There be gremlins in the machinery, Kevin!

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Sun 4th Sep 2022 21:59

Sometimes love changes shapes from romance to forgiveness, from forgiveness to doing well. Its how we feel that's important rather than what we say.


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keith jeffries

Sun 4th Sep 2022 20:54

An interesting poem on which to ponder. What is an xbox?.

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