E’s getten a Masters in Bullshiteree,

Peer-reviewed by pillocks who agree,

Uz t' moon’s med o’ cheese,

Uz black’s white, ‘ell’ll freeze,

Now scumbags‘r getten off scot free!


Thi honour, Q.C., D.P.P.,

Ar t’ ignorant, or incompetent, thee?

Tha cowardice crass,

Meks o’ justice an arse,

When tha durstn’t define “woman” fer me!




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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sun 21st Aug 2022 22:16

Thanks to all for the comments and likes.

That people at the top of the UK legal justice system, and the education system are willing to pervert the truth for political ends is extremely worrying.
Come back Stalin and Mao all is forgiven!

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Sun 21st Aug 2022 09:36

Killer first two lines and layers of implication make this a winner for me Uilleam. Ray

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John Botterill

Thu 11th Aug 2022 23:35

Makes perfect sense to me, Uilleam. A winner! 😀

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