An Old Fashioned Gentleman...

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A gentleman doffed his hat

when passing someone in the street;

inferring a respectful greeting

to all whom he chanced to meet.


A gentleman walked by the curb

when escorting his wife or mother;

placing a wall of protection

should they be hit by a car or another.


A gentleman offered his arm

to a woman when crossing the road;

incase she may fall or stumble,

an unspoken gentleman's code.


A gentleman wore his felt hat

for without it he didn't feel dressed;

but inside he would take it right off

when in church to be thoroughly blessed.....

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Carol Congalton

Sun 3rd Jul 2022 23:03

I agree John B. My hubby always walks on the roadside of the pavement when we're out walking.👍

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Carol Congalton

Sun 3rd Jul 2022 23:01

What a hoot kJ Walker! I think for a man to walk by the roadside comes from the horse and carriage era, when horses could rear up unexpectedly and cause injury to those on the pavement.😃

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Carol Congalton

Sun 3rd Jul 2022 22:59

Your comment made me smile M.C. Newberry. Love your last sentence! 😂

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Carol Congalton

Sun 3rd Jul 2022 22:58

Ahhh Pete, this modern era eh? I'd keep doing what you're doing and if someone doesn't like it then it's their problem, not yours.😎

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John Botterill

Sun 3rd Jul 2022 19:58

Those were the days, Carol! 😀 I still think 'manners maketh the man!'

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kJ Walker

Sun 3rd Jul 2022 19:01

I always walk by the curb. It's only good manners. Plus you don't want to splash the lady when you spit in the gutter.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 3rd Jul 2022 17:01

My step-father was of that geneation that customarily wore hats,
although the only "flat cap" I saw him wear was a naval one.
I can see him now, doffing his hat to a lady upon meeting or
making conversation. The change in fashion has seen headwear
of yesteryear almost disappear. There's not much to be said
for pulling off a beanie or a balaclava,, is there? 😏

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Pete (edbreathe)

Sun 3rd Jul 2022 10:27

Very nice poem, and a code practice I live my life by, however when I hold a door open for a girl/ woman these days I feel I’m being judged as some one who demeans the fairer sex .
( yet another sentence to be carful of ) !!
Or perhaps I’m just old

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