Trains : Business As Usual

Train leaves Brighton at 7.03 

Diddley dum diddley dee 

Diddley dum diddley dee


Fifty get on at Burgess Hill

Diddley dee diddley dum


Have to stand, not enough seats

Diddley dum diddley dee   

Diddley dum diddley dee


More pack on at Haywards Heath

Diddley dum diddley dum 

Diddley dum diddley dee


Train chock-a-block, no buffet car

Diddley dum diddley dee

Diddley dum diddley dah


Queue for loo a mile long

Diddley dee diddley dum   


Arrive Victoria well pissed off   

Diddley dum diddley doo

Diddley dee diddley doff


Not looking forward to return tonight    

Diddley dum diddley dee 

Diddley dum diddley shite

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Reggie's Ghost

Wed 29th Jun 2022 10:17

I'm pleased quite a few of you liked this topical piece.

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Rose Casserley

Tue 28th Jun 2022 00:36

😂 👍

RC 💋

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John Coopey

Mon 27th Jun 2022 10:35

Ah, for the good old days of British Rail.
It reminded me of a poem in a book of verse the kids had when they were little, Reg

The train keeps running along the line
Jickety can jickety can
I wish it were mine I wish it were mine
Jickety can jickety can.

(I forget the rest)

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